Goodwin Arborist

Goodwin Arborist

Tree Consultancy Ireland

Our work

I assess the condition of important landscape trees and advise on their management. My consultancy serves informed private land owners, large and small, government bodies, and insurers. The aim is to conserve as many trees...
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Our practice

Roy Goodwin, Bsc (Hons) Arb, Dip Arb, MArborA, has worked in arboriculture (landscape tree management) for over 30 years, and has been in practice as one of Ireland’s leading arboricultural consultants for the last 20...
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Arboriculture is the study, cultivation and management of trees (and other woody plants). Specifically, it is the management of landscape trees for amenity (or ‘non-timber’) benefits. Arboriculture is about research-based practice, helping trees stay healthy, safe, and...
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Why Goodwin-Arborist?

Qualified: Honours science degree in Arboriculture

Experienced: 30 years in professional tree care

Independent of tree surgery and landscape companies

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