This fantastic sycamore is a particular favourite. Fully and properly protected throughout recent adjacent building work by Mulcahy Construction
View during an aerial check from a MEWP before supervising (from the ground!) the recommended pruning works to some marvellous London plane trees in Dublin
Old beech avenue – requiring thoughtful conservation management
Occasionally some clients with collections of uncommon specimen trees – gardens and arboreta – like the species identified and labelled.
Defective root system revealed by air spade during an investigation into unnatural failure of 80% of a semi-mature oak avenue. Nurseries growing seedlings in pots and then (repeatedly) transplanting them out too deep, leading to horrendous stem girdling roots (SGR’s). Crowns perfectly healthy 20 years after planting; but suddenly one windy day: snap – like dominoes!
COVID message!? – during first lockdown March/April 2020. Back to work since after that where permissible and safe as essential forestry/horticulture services for local authorities and stud farms, etc.
Many of our biggest exceptional ‘champion’ trees throughout Ireland can be easily propagated from seed (or cuttings) to provide new trees with the genetic potential to adapt to climate change and be exceptional speciemns for future generations.
Pseudoinonotus dryadeus (fungal brackets) on an old oak – conserved and monitored.
Beech felled for roadside safety (decay most extensive & advanced at c. 2 m)
Picture from a road traffic accident ‘forensic’ investigation c. 15 years ago. Yes, this ash collapsed onto a passing car, causing very serious injury. With two others I was on the ‘expert’ panel recently tasked by the Tree Council to write the Irish government’s new ‘Managing Roadside Trees’ guidance document, to be published soon.

Beech near Trim. Inspected every 2 years for the last 12 – little change, and no failure!

Slightly bizarre recent assessment, Co Kildare. A 5.9 m girth oak, with an adult treehouse – even had a bar!