Roy Goodwin, Bsc (Hons) Arb, Dip Arb, MArborA, MCIHort, has worked in arboriculture for over 33 years, and has been in practice as a leading arboricultural consultant in Ireland for the last 23 years.

We offer a uniquely high-level and no-nonsense service providing experienced and research-based expert assessment and advice for informed assessment and conservation management of landscape trees.

We are government-appointed experts in tree health and safety (‘risk assessment’), and are retained as advisors by several of Ireland’s largest and most-informed land owners.

Roy specialises in investigation analysis of incidents involving the failure (breakage/collapse) of trees, reporting to insurers and the courts, and is active in research in this area also. He is also a member of the Irish society of plant pathologists and the Joint Working Group on Agricultural Meteorology.

Roy has been lead author in several published arboricultural textbooks, government guidance, and scientific papers; he was also a founding member and long-time chair of the Irish branch of the Arboricultural Association.

Good tree management is about conserving and enhancing the immense benefits of trees, whilst also managing risk in a sensible and cost-effective way.  Management decisions need to be based on advice that is educated, sensible and unbiased. That is what our practice provides.

We are an Irish Registered Business, Tax Clearance certified, and all our tree inspection, surveys and reports are covered by both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.