Roy Goodwin, Bsc (Hons) Arb, Dip Arb, MArborA, MCIH, has worked in arboriculture for over 30 years, and has been in practice as one of Ireland’s leading arboricultural consultants for the last 21 years.

We offer a uniquely high-level and no-nonsense service providing independent expert assessment and advice on trees, tree risk assessment, and informed conservation management. We are not involved in tree surgery work! We have always promoted an enlightened and cost-effective approach to tree management; one that is research-based yet sensibly practical, and environmentally and legally responsible.

Our practice is based on:

  • Looking after important landscape trees in Ireland that warrant better, informed management, and
  • Looking after the valued clients we establish a trusted relationship with.

Good tree management is about conserving and enhancing the immense benefits of trees, whilst also ensuring that the risks from trees are assessed in an informed way and that management is cost-effective (that the resources available for trees is spent wisely, to maximum effect). We also advise on new tree planting of course. Good management decisions need to be based on advice that is truly educated, sensible and unbiased. That is what our practice provides.

Roy has also been lead author in several published arboricultural textbooks, government guidance, and scientific papers; the latter based upon research interest in tree biomechanics, meteorological acclimation, and risk assessment management. Roy was also a founding member and long-time chair of the Irish branch of the Arboricultural Association.

We are an Irish Registered Business, Tax Clearance certified, and all our tree inspection, surveys and reports are covered by both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.